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Our Story

It was in 2017 when Catherine's journey as an etiquette trainer began. It started in New York with a simple act of helping a friend prepare for an audition, which she shared through social media. The response was overwhelming, as other girls, mothers, and businesses reached out expressing their interest in learning various aspects of etiquette, from posture, proper dining etiquette to chivalry and more.  This organic demand and her genuine passion for empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves led her to establish Etiquette360.

Now in Miami, Catherine Ramirez, brings a wealth of personal background and experience that sets her apart in the field of etiquette training. Certified as an International Etiquette Trainer by The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette, Catherine combines her formal training with her diverse background in modeling, radio and TV hosting, and her previous title as Miss Dominican Republic Int 2011 to deliver a unique and exceptional training experience.

With a degree in Communications, she possesses a deep understanding of effective communication and interpersonal skills, which she incorporates into her etiquette training programs. Since then, Catherine has been committed to providing unparalleled etiquette and social skills training, driven by her belief in the transformative power of etiquette in enhancing personal and professional confidence.



At Etiquette360, our mission is to transform individuals into ladies and gentlemen by providing exceptional etiquette and social skills training. We aim to elevate personal and professional confidence, equipping our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any social or business setting. Through our courses and workshops, we strive to polish individuals, nurture their self-assurance, and enable them to thrive with confidence everywhere they go.​

To be the premier etiquette training provider in South Florida, recognized for elevating personal and professional confidence through comprehensive training, empowering individuals to thrive with poise and grace in today's modern world.

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