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Kids Modeling level 1
Kids Modeling level 2

Kids Modeling &

Available for ages 5 - 10

This course can be in the privacy of your home or at one of our studios in the Miami - Ft. Lauderdale area. Please email or book a call to discuss scheduling preference and fees.

If you would like to have a magic wand to fix your children's posture, make them behave well socially or perhaps you are tired of correcting them at the table, you are in the right place!

Course includes:

  • Runway: how to stand, walk and pose elegantly.

  • Posture: how to sit like a young lady or gentleman.

  • Grooming: how to look polished on a daily basis.

  • Social Skills: greeting family, friends and strangers with respect, the perfect handshake, how to introduce yourself.

  • Gentleman Behavior: The principles of chivalry in modern      days (for male participants).

  • Commercial Acting: vocal warm up, cold reading scripts, on-camera tips, acting exercises and script analysis.

  • Table Manners: how to set the basic table, using the napkin, holding/using silverware and glasses correctly, general dining manners.

*Final Practice takes place at a restaurant with children accompanied by one parent or tutor.

Because kids are experts on how to be kids, we offer refresher classes throughout the year to practice all these new skills and good manners previously learned in this course.

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