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Pageant Coaching

Pageant Coaching

All of our courses can be in the privacy of your home for one-to-one coaching or virtual training. This course is available for children, teens and adults.

Whether it’s your first time competing in a Beauty Pageant or you’re tired of not making it to the top finalists or winning that title, I’m ready to train you in everything you need to know and digest when it comes to pageantry.

  • Customized Pageant Plan

  • Pageant Paperwork

  • Beauty Runway

  • Poise & Posture

  • Commercial Acting 

  • Judges Interview Skills

  • Pageant Social Cause

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Stage Development

  • Pageant Wardrobe

  • Competition Mindset 

  • Photoshoot* (additional cost) 

  • 24/7 Virtual Support (pageant weekend)

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